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Antistatic PVC Flooring
Antistatic PVC Flooring
  • Antistatic PVC Flooring
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  • Antistatic PVC Flooring

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Antistatic PVC Flooring
Our Antistatic PVC Flooring is highly efficacious that renders outstanding performance consistently that too without requiring any maintenance work. We provide Antistatic PVC Flooring at the most discounted price in the industry. Antistatic PVC Flooring is applicable for static area, such as electronic, telecommunication, exchange office, data processing center, ordnance factory, examining and operating rooms in hospital, where sensitive equipment and personnel may be harmed.
Ground requirements:
* The following grounds can be used: milled by water, ceramic tile, water quality and cement grounds.
* The ground needs to be flat and with no obvious roughness, and then the uneven degree: <0.1%
* The ground has enough intensity and no dust and crust to rub off phenomena.
* The ground needs to be dry, generally, newly watered ground needs to wait 30 days around.
Construction procedures:

Cleaning ground→lay conductive net→connect grounding wire→smearing mightiness glue→smearing conductive glue→lay floor→weld gaps between floor→clean surface→check performance.
* Keep the ground in clean and flat; avoid penetrating or heavy things to touch surface of floor and operators wearing shoes with nails walking on the floor.
* Do not lay chair or bench with black rubber bottom cushion in order to prevent floor from being contaminated.
* If any oil dirt left on the floor, remove it with washing powder or other powder to remove dirt; If parts of surface of floor is cracked, can mend it with fine emery paper strap.
* If the most of floor is contaminated for installing equipment, our company can provide cleaning services.
* Our company has antistatic wax to maintain floor. Generally speaking, one time per six month, of course you can wax the floor according to practical situations, for example, one time per three month.


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