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Cleanroom Sticky Rollers
Cleanroom Sticky Rollers
  • Cleanroom Sticky Rollers
  • Cleanroom Sticky Rollers

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The cleanroom sticky roller’s easy-to-use vacuum sucker eliminates quickly any dirt on floor, ceiling, wall, desktop and any other surfaces. It consists of a roller and a handle similar to that used for whitewashing walls. The roller contains sticky sheet which can be torn off. Roll the roller over dirty surface to be cleaned. Tear off the dirty sheet on the roller when it can't stick dirt.
These clean room sticky rollers provide the best possible means of removing even the smallest particles of contamination from flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, and table tops.

* Size (inch): 4/6/8/10/12/16
* Inner/outside diameter: 38.5mm/53.5mm
* Color: blue/white/transparent
* Viscosity: low/middle/high
* Film: 100 films per roll
* Length: 18-20M/roll


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