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ESD Curtain
ESD Curtain
  • ESD Curtain
  • ESD Curtain

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ESD curtain or antistatic curtain is soft, transparent, clean, antistatic, shielding heat and noise, free for operator and cart passing. It is suited for electronics, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration industry. Easy to install and replace, can be cleaned into shining as new with neutral detergent. Good for using as a barrier wall or protecting window curtain in static charge critical environment. Antistatic PVC curtain is composed of antistatic PVC sheet, easy to overhang which helps it to protect EPA area.

* Anti static PVC curtain
* Resistant to pressure and shock
* Optional colors: transparent, transparent net, black net, black, anti-ultraviolet radiation grid
* Anti-static, insulation, heat insulation, dust-proof

ESD Portiere
ESD portiere is made of EVA material and can effectively restrain static charge and accelerate electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic charges in static sensitive area in air can be eliminated effectively to protect products and operators. It is easy to fix and change.
* Surface resistance is 10E4 – 10E6 ohms, friction voltage is less than 400V
* Antistatic, heat insulation, dustproof, heat preservation, reduce noise function
* Resist stress, impact, aging, acidproof and alkaliproof
* Be applicable to shielding rooms and burglarproof door systems in static control areas

Anti-Static Acrylics
Antistatic plate can be used in semiconductor industry, electronics, and electrical, medical, precision machinery and biotechnology fields. Nd7 is especially suitable for clean rooms and etc. That requires antistatic characteristics.
* Superb antistatic dissipative function: 10E6~10E9Ω/m2
* Long-term persistence of initial characteristics
* Virtually unaffected by humidity variations
* Excellent chemical resistance


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