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ESD Mica Sheet
ESD Mica Sheet
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ESD Mica Sheet
* Material: Antistatic veneer synthesized with various resins
* Antistatic Performance: adopting top-bottom lamination for static discharge, with the surface resistance of the grey top of 10E8Ω, the surface resistance of the black bottom ≤10E5Ωcm, the volume resistance ≤10E8Ω, and static attenuation period ≤1.6S for 5000V-500V.
* Specification: 0.8m*20m* (thickness) 60cmm / 1.0m*20m* (thickness) 60cmm / 1.2m*20m* (thickness) 60cmm
* Scope of application: production line table board, antistatic office desk, floor veneering, veneering of clean room wall, ceiling veneering, blister box, antistatic stationary folder, etc.
* Chemical properties: resistance to abrasion, oil, acid (weak) and alkali. 
* Environment protection: nontoxic and tasteless, and passing international SGS certification with all indexes meeting the environment protection requirements.


Do not use benzene, toluene, ketone (acetone) or esters as detergent to clean the surface. 
Recommend to clean the surface with water, cleaning agent, ethanol (alcohol), gasoline, vegetable oil, etc. 
Use strong environmental friendly glue (without toluene or xylene) for surface binding


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