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Shenzhen HORB Address Alteration

TO: All our valued customers, all our valued vendors and all others business associates:
Dear Sirs/ Madams:
We would like to inform you that we moved to new plant and enlarged three more production lines for ESD Garments, Cleanroom Wipers and gloves. New plant address & phone no. are alternated from:
4F, Building A, The First Industry in Fenghuanggang, Xixiang, Bo’an, Shenzhen 518052.
TEL: +86-755-29461424
Floor 5-7, Block B, Funing Hi-Tech Industrial Park, No.71-2 Xintian Rd, Fuyong Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China 518103.
Tel: +86-755-29238429
We take this opportunity thanks for your cooperation with us always.
With Warmest Regards

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