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ESD antistatic packaging bag
ESD antistatic packaging bag
  • ESD antistatic packaging bag
  • ESD antistatic packaging bag

  • Specification/ Manual : ESD antistatic packaging bag
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Anti Static Shielding Bags
Shenzhen HORB's Anti Static Shielding Bag has metalized film laminated to low-charging bubble material. The bag protects ESD sensitive contents from electrostatic fields, electrostatic discharges (ESD), and physical damage. 


Thickness 7.5Microns
Surface Resistivity <10E9ohm/sq. ASTM D618 At 15% RH.ETS 803 probe 100 Volts
Abrasion Resistance 1000Cycles with no damage CSI Mode CS-39 Head Load227 gms Abradent Rough Corrugated
Metallized Layer Resistance <10E3ohm/sq.
Light Transmission 40%-0.4 Optical Density
Triboelectric Charging <100V E1A 541 Appendix C average. Triboelectric Nanocoulombs Quartz<.13nc/in2 Teflon<.13nc/in2
Static Decay 5000-0 Volts <0.01second FTMS 101B Method 4046
Capacitance Probe <10 Volts Differentical-E1A 541
Corrosion No visible signs detected FTMS 101C Method 3005
Tensile Strength >18 lbs./in ASTM D882
Tear Initiation >2.5 lbs./in ASTM 1004
Puncture Resistance >10e0 p.s.l ASTM D3420
Seam Strength >8 lbs./in ASTM D882
MVTR Barrier >0.2 gm/100 in-2/24 hrs. ASTM E 96
Oxygen Barrier >0.5 cc/100 in-2/24 hrs. ASTM D3958
Heat Sealing  
Temperature 220-240℃
Time 0.5-3.5seconds
Pressure 30-70 p. s. l


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